Taking an Amish Vacation in Ohio: Everything You Need to Know

Taking an Amish Vacation in Ohio: Everything You Need to Know

Amish farm with rolling hills

If you are planning an Amish vacation, you aren’t alone. Amish Country is the second-most visited place in Ohio, drawing in more than four million tourists each year.

At first glance, visiting Amish Country may seem like a strange choice for a vacation. But when you consider how peaceful and old-timey the area is, you can see the attraction.

Staying in the area is an even more attractive option when you consider the modern cottages available for your stay. Learn more about your Ohio Amish Country lodging options and what to do when you arrive in this guide.

How to Get to Amish Country in Ohio

You may be familiar with Pennsylvania Dutch Country, but did you know Amish Country stretches across multiple states? Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana are also home to large populations of Amish people.

In fact, Ohio Amish Country is home to the second-largest community of Amish people in the world. Holmes County is the heart of Ohio Dutchland, where more than 84,000 members live and work.

Holmes County is halfway between Cleveland and Columbus. To get there from Cleveland, head south on I-77 for 50 miles. You’ll use US-30 W to get to Wooster before taking OH-83 for 30 miles until you arrive in Holmes County.

The drive from Columbus is a bit longer, at nearly 2 hours. Take I-71 north for 58 miles before turning east on OH-97. From there, it’s only an hour’s drive to the historic village of Millersburg- the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country.

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Where to Stay in Ohio’s Amish Country

Amish Country Lodging is the best place to stay in Holmes County. There is something for everyone, from quaint country cabins and cost cottages to one-of-a-kind treehouses.

The treehouses and cabins are situated inside a densely wooded forest and tucked away from the hubbub. If you prefer something more urban, the cottages are located in downtown Berlin.

Our cottages are so popular with Amish Country visitors that we had to expand our offerings. Our original cottages- Country Bliss and Village Dreams– are now joined by 11 premier cottages that sleep two to four people.

Book Country Bliss or a premier cottage for a romantic couples’ getaway and unwind and slow down as the Amish do. Or bring the whole family to Village Dreams, which sleeps up to six guests.

What to Expect From a Cottage Rental in Ohio Amish Country

The Amish may be known for shunning modern amenities, but you don’t have to when you stay with Amish Country Lodging. Our cottages come equipped with jetted tubs, outdoor hot tubs, and a full-screen ROKU smart TV.

When you aren’t sampling the local fare, you can whip up meals in full kitchen stocked with all the cooking utensils you need. Enjoy meals by the crackling fireplace before retiring to the spacious king- or queen-sized bed.

Choose our premier cottages for a pet-friendly option. Our Country Bliss and Village Dreams cottages may not be accessible for guests traveling with their furry friends, but they have saunas!

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What to Do on Your Amish Vacation

You could exclusively enjoy all the amenities inside your Amish Country cottage during your stay, but then you’d miss out on all the fun things to do in the area.

Get to know the local history and culture with visits to one or more of the following destinations.

Live Like the Amish at Yoder’s Amish Home

Millersburg is the heart of Ohio’s Amish country and the location of Yoder’s Amish Home. If you visit from April to October, make sure to book a guided tour through this old Amish farm.

Purchased by the Yoder family in 1972, the property fell into disrepair before the current owners bought and renovated it in 1983. The farm has since become an exclusive way to get a glimpse into how the Amish live.

The guided tour will take you through the farmhouse’s many rooms, where you can learn about the Amish religion, customs, and traditions. You can also see inside the barn and take a ride inside a real Amish buggy.

amish mural

Visit the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center

Another way to immerse yourself in Amish culture is with a visit to the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center in Berlin. Schedule a 30-minute tour to see how the Amish community came to be and its evolution over time.

The museum currently hosts an attraction called Behalt. Behalt is a 10-foot by 265-foot mural, also known as a cyclorama. You’ll track their journey from Europe into the countries they now call home- Russia, the US, and Canada.

You’ll also be able to see Amish facilities up close and in person. The museum grounds host a pioneer-era barn, Conestoga wagon, and Amish one-room school to give visitors an insider’s look at the local culture.

Browse the German Culture Museum

The German Culture Museum is located in Walnut Creek. Here, you can brush up on your Amish, German, and Swiss history and learn how these groups came to call Holmes County home.

When you enter the facility, you’ll be greeted by a portrait of the Father of Amish Country himself, Jonas Stutzman. Then, you can browse the display cases full of Amish tools, glassware, memorabilia, and much more.

As with the Heritage Center and Yoder Home, visitors can see replicas of real Amish buildings. This museum features a one-room Amish cabin, church, barn, and school room, as well as traditional Amish vehicles.

Go to the Kidron Livestock Auction

Kidron is an Amish village located about 14 miles north of Berlin. Each Thursday, it hosts the Kidron Auction, a livestock auction that has been held there since at least the 1920s.

Live animals are not the only thing on display at the weekly auction. Local Amish families pull up their wagons and buggies to sell fresh produce, dairy, and other food products grown on nearby lands.

The auction is hosted at the Jacob Moser Barn, which is in the middle of downtown Kidron Square. While you’re in the area, stop by Lehman’s and World Crafts for a few souvenirs to bring home.

Amish Country Theater

Catch a Show at the Amish Country Theater

It’s late on your last night in Amish Country, and you’re looking for something to do nearby. If you are in for a few laughs and an Amish homestyle buffet, stop by the Amish Country Theater off State Route 39 in Berlin.

The theater hosts two annual variety shows, as well as special events throughout the year. Don’t stress about bringing the whole family- the theater specializes in wholesome, kid-friendly comedies.

Currently, the theater is hosting ‘Christmas In The Country,’ a musical featuring Christmas country music. World-renowned ventriloquist Ken Groves will join the cast and crew to share a hilarious Christmas story, too.

Where to Eat in Amish Country, OH

Traditional Amish food is reminiscent of good ‘ole country cooking, but with a healthier twist. Classic Amish fare includes roasted meats, mashed potatoes and gravy, seasoned veggies, and fresh bread.

Get your fill of Amish fare at the following restaurants in and around Berlin.

Der Dutchman Restaurant

Der Dutchman (or ‘the Dutchman’ in English) is a restaurant located in Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek is a village located about four miles from your cottage in downtown Berlin, and it is definitely worth the short drive.

The restaurant’s menu features classic Amish dishes like traditional roast chicken and ham, handmade noodles, and roast beef dinners. You can’t leave without trying one of their famous fruit and cream pies.

Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna Inc.

Troyer’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant and has been since 1912. Located in Dundee, this spot is around 13 miles from Berlin. We recommend making the trip for a late afternoon lunch.

The Troyer family produces homemade bologna that is spiced and then smoked over hardwood. The Genuine Trail Bologna sandwich is a must-try. You can also purchase smoked meats to take home and impress your friends.

Couple apple picking on an Ohio fall getaway

Cafe Breitenbach

Cafe Breitenbach is a family-owned pizza joint and winery in Dover, OH. Dover is about 30 minutes from Berlin via State Route 39. If you are familiar with master wood carver Ernest Warther, make it a day trip and visit his collection.

Dover is home to many popular eateries, but Cafe Breitenbach takes the cake. The menu offers a wide selection of options, from paninis to salads, but the hearth-baked pizzas are what sets this spot apart.

Couple dining in a nice restaurant


If you are looking for a bite somewhere closer to your temporary home, try Tarragon. This restaurant is located inside the Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg. Come for the delicious food, and stay for the equally incredible views.

The menu features a rotating selection of fresh seasonal fare made with locally grown ingredients. The dining room overlooks a lush forest, making diners feel like they’re enjoying a meal inside a treehouse.

Kidron Town and Country Store

The Town and Country Store in Kidron, OH looks like a general store at first glance. Upstairs, it has groceries, bulk foods, butchered meats, pharmacy goods, and dry goods up for sale.

Hiding downstairs is a locally-kept secret: the Kidron Town and Country Restaurant. With its classic American staples and Amish-inspired dishes, the menu at this casual eatery is sure to impress everyone in your group.

Where to Shop Amish Country Goods

The people of Amish Country, OH are among the few US communities left that still made the majority of their products by hand. They are known for their handmade furniture, quilts, and much more.

You can shop for Amish goods during your stay. Add the following retailers to the top of your list.

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Coblentz Chocolate Company

Coblentz Chocolate Company is a family-owned shop in Walnut Creek. The family boasts over 100 different kinds of premium chocolates and old-fashioned candies.

You can’t leave without trying their fudge and hand-wrapped caramels. Throw a few Amish buggy-shaped chocolates in your bag to bring home to your kids or keep them as a reminder of your trip.

Heini’s Cheese Chalet

Cheese is an Amish specialty, and Heini’s is the king of Amish cheese. Located in Millersburg, Heini’s Cheese Chalet has been around for nearly 100 years and features a whopping 25 varieties of everyone’s favorite dairy product.

If you don’t get a chance to visit Heini’s storefront, you can always shop online. Bunker Hill is Heini’s e-commerce arm and your one-stop-shop for meats, cheeses, and other Amish-made food products.

Miller’s Dry Goods

Miller’s Dry Goods is locally known as just ‘Miller’s,’ but don’t get confused between Miller’s Bakery off State-557 and this quilt shop. Miller’s offers two buildings worth of fabric and other quilting and apparel-making products.

The store also sells antique and vintage quilting books and patterns. You can even find fabrics originating from another time. If you are a quilter or apparel maker, Miller’s should be at the top of your Amish Country bucket list.

Lehman’s Hardware

Not to be confused with Lehman’s flagship store on Kidron Square, Lehman’s Hardware is in Dalton. Dalton is about 20 miles north of downtown Berlin.

Lehman’s Hardware is like a treasure trove in the middle of nowhere. It’s the place to go if you are searching for antique appliances, vintage furnishing, and old-timey toys and kitchenware.

Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market

If you are searching for a place to shop that has a little bit of everything, the Amish Flea Market in Walnut Creek is the place to be. This flea market boasts over 50,000 square feet of indoor shopping.

Open Thursday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, the flea market operates each year from March to mid-December. Make a visit to shop from vendors selling everything from homemade candles and soaps to handmade leather, clothes, and jewelry.

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Book a Cottage With Amish Country Lodging

There are so many things to do, eat, and shop in Holmes County. Bring a partner, friend, or the whole family to learn about Amish culture, try authentic homemade bologna, snack on handmade chocolates, and more.

Are you planning an Amish vacation? Let Amish Country Lodging be your provider of choice. We offer an array of unique properties to suit every taste, whether you are searching for a country treehouse or a cozy village cottage.

Book your stay with us today and explore all Ohio’s Amish Country has to offer!