Amish Tours Ohio: Take a Trip Into the Vibrant Past

Amish Tours Ohio: Take a Trip Into the Vibrant Past

buggy in amish country

Throughout North America, the Amish people have managed to hold on to a far gentler way of life since the 1730s, despite rapid changes in societal norms in modern times.

That’s part of the attraction for visitors to the quaint town of Berlin, Ohio, who love spending time with these people as a refreshing change from the stresses of their daily existence.

Berlin also offers some of the best Amish tours in Ohio, where you can gain authentic insights into this pastoral way of life. Don’t miss out when you visit Berlin; keep reading to find out more about these excursions.

Amish Home Tours

One of the best ways to experience Amish life is by visiting an Amish homestead for a guided tour of their dwellings. These outings usually take place as a part of farm tours and may include a meal with the resident family.

These visits take place in the company of a guide who can fill you in on the intricacies of Amish family life and answer all your questions about the things you see or about the Amish people’s beliefs in general.

For instance, you might want to know about Amish rules concerning the use of technology or electricity, why they ride buggies, or how they grow such handsome beards.

An Amish tour allows you to get honest answers to these questions about their daily existence.

Enjoy a Meal With an Amish Family

Meal times are important in Amish culture, and families usually gather around the table together at dinner time to discuss their day’s activities.

Amish people are also very hospitable and generous, so when you join them for lunch during your tour, you know you’re in for a feast of hearty homemade fare.

If you opt for a meal as part of your tour, you can expect the menu to include traditional dishes like:

  • Homemade bread and peanut butter spread
  • Broasted chicken
  • Mash with browned butter
  • Farm-fresh vegetables
  • Amish noodles

For dessert, you can choose from a selection of home-baked sweet pies.

You can choose either a group tour or a private tour for a minimum of two people when you opt for this Amish experience.

Amish Farm Tours

Amish people are famed for their agricultural skills, and many of them still raise animals and grow crops the same way they’ve done it for centuries. As such, the barn is central to their livelihoods and a hub of activities on the farm.

Guests will get to meet some of the farm animals. If you visit during the spring, you could get to see some of the newborn lambs and foals.

Farm tours will also include a chance to walk about the lands with the farmer while he explains some of the intricacies of farm life and seasonal chores.

Buggy Rides

A buggy ride is the quintessential Amish experience, allowing you to travel the scenic roads around Berlin in style. Buggy rides either traverse the country roads or travel among the farmlands, depending on which tour you book.

Either way, you’re bound to enjoy an exhilarating experience admiring the views with the wind in your face and the steady rhythm of hoofbeats ringing in your ears.

Wagon rides are another great choice for fun on the farm, especially for group tours.

Customized Amish Tours in Ohio

You don’t need to join a tour to touch base with the Amish way of life when you visit Berlin. There are a range of activities you can enjoy on a self-drive road trip in the area.

The benefit of doing these stand-alone activities is that you’re accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who helps make everything even more interesting. With a guide by your side, you’ll discover extra layers of information that you might not notice at first, and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Customized bus tours are one of the best ways to enjoy this best-of-both-worlds experience. You can include a farm or home tour in your itinerary and also plan multi-day tours if you prefer.

When you book one of these outings, you can create a unique tour from the following activities:

Amish Artisan Experiences

Amish people are known for their ingenuity and strong work ethic, so it’s not surprising that many of them earn an income from handcrafted goods.

Thanks to centuries of self-reliance within the Amish community, these creations most frequently comprise practical items that come in useful in the home or around the farm.

Some of the crafts they’re most famous for include:

  • Durable and attractive woven wicker baskets
  • Colorful quilts with geometric designs
  • Handmade scented candles
  • High-quality leather goods
  • Traditional corn straw brooms
  • Solid wooden furniture
  • Authentic Amish buggies

These tour add-ons allow you to visit artisans at their workshops to gain inside insights into the creation of these beautiful pieces.

Shopping for Handmade Amish Goods

Amish folks are excellent businesspeople, using their traditional skills to earn extra income for their families. So, you’ll find no shortage of places in Berlin where you can shop for these high-quality items.

Customized tours allow you to purchase long-lasting, useful souvenirs of your time spent in Amish country at flea markets and downtown stores specializing in these goods.

You can also stop by stores specializing in Amish quilts, baked goods, chocolates, cheese, and bulk foods.

Berlin Amish Museum

History buffs will love the chance to brush up on Amish history at Berlin’s museum celebrating this culture.

The Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center showcases one of just four cycloramas in the USA. This circular 10-foot by 265-foot mural depicts the history of these people.

Amish Auction

As they’ve done for centuries, Amish farmers sell their livestock at auctions. In Berlin, the Mount Hope Auction takes place every Wednesday and is open to all.

It’s also the site of a flea market where you can pick up handmade Amish goods and farm produce. A visit to this event is the final stage in the pastoral cycle that makes up the Amish way of life.

Planning Your Trip to Berlin, OH

Amish tours in Ohio are just one of the many activities on offer in this charming part of the world. You’ll need to plan your trip carefully to ensure you make the most of your time spent.

Get started by browsing our website for more ideas and booking your Amish Country accommodation now.