The 7 Best Wineries in Amish Country, Ohio

The 7 Best Wineries in Amish Country, Ohio

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Visiting Amish Country provides a welcome reprieve from modern living. Here, you can enjoy simple pleasures, untainted landscapes, and the peace you crave.

The Amish provide a glimpse of simpler times, where home-cooked meals and an honest day’s work were the order of the day. In Berlin, you can enjoy this tranquil atmosphere, plus a host of wonderful activities suited to this rural environment.

Enjoying different types of wineries is one of the pleasures on offer. Start planning your trip with this guide to the best wineries in the area.

1. Baltic Mill Winery

Baltic Mill Winery opened in 2014 and occupies a three-story brick building in the heart of Baltic, Ohio.

The owners have preserved some of the building’s original equipment, which dates back to its days as a working flour mill. Together with the high beams and red brick walls, this contributes to the winery’s appealing rustic atmosphere.

Baltic Mill does not have vineyards and carefully sources grapes from the best wine-growing regions of the country. Their expert winemaker crafts these into 11 different types of sweet and dry wine, made from grapes, blackberries, and peaches.

The tasting room offers abundant seating both indoors and outdoors. Patrons can choose from delicious locally sourced meat and cheese plates or order food from nearby eateries to enjoy with their wine.

2. Breitenbach Wine Cellars

Ohio ranks sixth for wine production in the USA. Breitenbach Wine Cellars contributes 150,000 gallons of grape and fruit wine to this total annually, including award-winning plum wine and a robust port.

Der Marktplatz in Dover is where you can enjoy grape, berry, fruit, and dandelion wines at the inside tables, patio tables, or in the Winemaker’s Barn. A local Amish community provides the dandelions for this delicate brew.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars offers winery tours during their Dandelion May-Fest, held on the first Saturday of May every year.

The wine farm itself is a delight, comprising a small group of steeple-roofed buildings adorned in royal purple and red with gold accents and ornate detailing. The testing laboratory is shaped like a castle turret, adding the final element of magic to the fairy tale setting.

The Wine and Fire bar on site is a charming destination for sundowners and celebrations on the weekends.

3. Silver Moon Winery

In 2004, Ken and Judy Eschbacher started their wine journey from scratch, learning as they went along. After much trial and error, they finally settled on a winning formula and decided to share their experiences with other aspirant winemakers.

So, Silver Moon Winery started as a school teaching people how to make wine, but it has since become a full-fledged winery producing over 40 styles of wine.

It’s a homely place where you can learn more about wine while sipping on various blends under the expert tutelage of the vineyard staff. Silver Moon Winery makes white and red wines as well as desert wines with tantalizing names like Starry White and Chocolate Cherry Dream.

The venue offers plush leather chairs or small tables where you can relax and enjoy your new favorite wine. Don’t miss the chance to try their unique wine slushies during your visit.

Amish Country Winery

4. Doughty Glen Winery

Due to its location just four miles from Berlin, it’s easy to include this winery in your vacation itinerary. It’s located in one of the most scenic places in Ohio, overlooking the picturesque Doughty Valley.

The winery is adjacent to the Guggisberg Swiss Inn and Amish Country Riding Stables. You can enjoy wine tastings in the lobby of the inn, followed by a relaxing horseback ride to explore the countryside and a hearty meal.

The inn offers a gorgeous garden setting where you can sip on Doughty Glen wines and nibble on award-winning cheese while admiring the horses in the fields and the ducks in their pond.

This boutique winery currently offers only eight different wines, ranging from dry red and semi-dry whites to sweet, crisp strawberry wine.

Amish Country Winery

5. Raven’s Glen Winery

Raven’s Glen Winery holds pride of place alongside the Tuscarawas River. Here, you can sip and savor sweet and dry wines, craft beers, and cocktails.

The full-service onsite restaurant is ideal for light meals, including pasta, flatbread, salads, and sandwiches. Raven’s Glen is the perfect spot for a romantic date or a tranquil break between Amish Country activities.

Robert and Renee Guillams took over the winery from their son, Beau, who started the farm with 10 varietals in 1997. They’ve since narrowed their business down to specializing in the three best suited to this environment.

Their offering includes dry and sweet red and white wines and dessert wines.

Amish Country Winery

6. Gervasi Vineyard

Gervasi Vineyard offers several delights on their 55-acre estate, including a spa, three restaurants, a coffee and cocktail bar, a bakery, and a winery.

The winery offers a full gamut of varietals, from dry reds to sweet whites, including the acclaimed Sognata Ice Wine. They buy grapes and juice from around the country, taking care to choose specimens grown under optimal conditions.

A team of expert winemakers transforms these raw materials into a range of over 20 award-winning vines onsite at Gervasi Vineyard, where you can enjoy them in pristine surroundings on the edges of a small lake.

Amish Country Winery

7. Swiss Heritage Winery

Swiss Heritage Winery is the latest addition to the Broad Run Cheesehouse, located just outside Sugarcreek. Don’t miss the chance to pair creamy Swiss and Baby Swiss cheeses with their selection of sweet-styled wines.

This quaint winery has a welcoming atmosphere and a lovely, secluded patio where you can sip on your chosen tipple and try some of the deli goodies on offer.

This winery produces 20 different types of wine, including white wines, red wines, blush wines, and sweet fruit wines.

Explore the Wonderful Wineries in Amish Country, Ohio

With so many Ohio wineries in this area, you’ll need a few days to make the most of the experience and take in some of the other delights on offer near Berlin.

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