What to Expect During Your Luxury Treehouse Camping Getaway

What to Expect During Your Luxury Treehouse Camping Getaway

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Almost every kid has dreamed of having a treehouse to call their own.

Since treehouses are complicated and expensive to build, many children had to go without one. Now that you’re an adult, you’ll be glad to know it’s not too late to make your dream a reality. Instead of staying in a shabby treehouse, you can book some time in a treehouse that even your childhood self couldn’t imagine.

That’s where treehouse camping in Ohio comes in. Are you both excited and nervous? Keep reading to learn all about what to expect during your luxury treehouse camping getaway.

The Benefits of Treehouse Camping

Not only can you tap into your childhood nostalgia with a treehouse but it also makes it much easier to connect with nature. Some of the best treehouses are located in the woods where you can hear the beautiful chirping of birds, the swishing of leaves, and other cozy sounds.

The best treehouse camping is always far better than traditional camping because you’ll have access to more amenities than you would in a tent, including a comfy bed.

Aside from beds, luxury treehouses have televisions, DVD players, fireplaces, and even tubs with jets. Instead of a treehouse, you’d think you went to heaven.

King bed, red leather couch, and kitchen sink

Your Treehouse Camping Checklist

Before you start checking items off your list, you should first book your trip before all the hotels in Amish Country Ohio have filled up. The last thing you’d want is to get hyped for your stay only to find out that everything is booked.

Once you’ve locked in the dates, you can start packing for treehouse camping. The exact things you’ll need to bring will depend on what amenities the treehouse has.

Some essentials include bug spray, sunscreen, a raincoat, and bottled water. If your treehouse has a hot tub, then you should bring a pair of flip-flops. Don’t forget your hiking boots so that you can explore the surrounding area with ease.

If you do decide to hike, a backpack can make it much easier for you to bring your essential items with you. A flashlight is also a good thing to have on hand.

If you want to make the most out of the nostalgia part of your stay, then be sure to pack some board games and puzzles. This can keep you entertained while you have warm conversations with your loved ones.

Main exterior deck with chairs and table

Ready to Enjoy Your Luxury Treehouse Camping Getaway?

Now that you’ve learned what to expect, you can enjoy every single moment of your luxury treehouse camping getaway. Don’t forget to bring your closest friends and loved ones with you. There’s no denying you’ll make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Amish Country Lodging is ready to give you an amazing experience like no other. We have six different properties with a total of 70 unique places to stay in Ohio.

Feel free to read over our frequently asked questions then book now so that you can lock in your trip.